Healthy meals for new moms

By admin
01 June 2014

Are you desperate to get back into your pre-pregnancy outfits now that your baby is a bit older? We give you a healthy eating plan to get you started.

Irene Labuschagne, a dietician at the Nutrition Information Centre (Nicus) at Stellenbosch University, compiled this example of a healthy eating plan, complete with options, for new moms to try.

Did you know?

Because a new mom’s body uses more energy while producing breast milk she’ll lose weight provided she doesn’t overeat. Breastfeeding also causes contractions which speeds up the uterus’ return to its original size, especially if this is done for more than six months.


¾ to 1 c cooked oats with ½ c low-fat milk and 1 slice wholewheat toast with low-fat margarine and tomato slices OR 2 slices wholewheat bread with low-fat margarine and 1 tomato, ½ c low-fat ml or yoghurt or sour milk maas.


1 slice wholewheat bread with 2 T peanut butter OR 1 boiled egg and 1 c low-fat milk, yoghurt or maas.


1 wholewheat roll with 1 t low-fat margarine, ½ or 1 can tuna (170 g), tomato slices, lettuce and 1 t low-fat margarine OR 2 slices wholewheat bread with 1 boiled egg and 1 side plate with salad plus 2 guavas or 1 orange.


2-3 wholewheat crackers with margarine and 30 g (matchbox-size) cheese OR 1-3 c low-fat cottage cheese with the crackers.


1 portion (120 g) grilled chicken/meat/fish or 1 c cooked lentils/dried beans with 1/3 c cooked rice, samp, pasta or medium-sized baked potato/1 c pumpkin and ½ c vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, Brussels sporuts, cauliflower, tomato, carrots, beetroot or other low-GI vegetables.


1 c low-fat milk.

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