Heartbroken dog lies down for hours at spot where owner was killed in a hit-and-run

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26 October 2015

Paco stayed with Kelly as she lay dying and refused to leave her side even after police had arrived to take care of her body.

After Kelly Black (42) was knocked down by a truck at about 6 pm on Friday evening, her faithful dog Paco refused to leave her side.

Kelly was walking Paco in her home town, Jacksonville in the American state of Florida, when she was hit by the truck.

According to a local news agency, Tucson News Now,

Kelly was dragged for several metres by the truck. A police spokesperson said it’s not clear if the truck driver was aware he’d hit Kelly because he didn’t stop.

After Kelly’s body had been taken away Paco remained on the scene. An animal lover eventually reunited him with Kelly’s family.

The truck driver is still at large and the police are hoping witnesses would step forward.

Apart from Paco, Kelly had another dog. “They’re going to be very sad that their mama is no longer with them,” said Kelly’s own mom, Pat Johnson.

SOURCES: Buzzfeed; The Dodo

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