Heartrending moment baby with rare sight disorder sees mom for the very first time

By Robyn Lucas
11 July 2017

That smile!

Little Everett was born with a rare disorder that affects his vision – so he’s never been able to see his own mom before. Until now.

A heartwarming video captured the moment the partially-sighted three-month-old sees his mom for the very first time, after he was fitted with new specs.

Everett, from Iowa USA, was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism – a disorder that occurs when there’s a lack of melanin pigment in your skin, hair, and eyes.

People with this disease often have vision problems and are highly sensitive to light.

PHOTO: YouTube PHOTO: YouTube

Everett's parents realised something wasn't quite right with their newborn when they noticed he was struggling to make eye contact and couldn’t track their movements.

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Luckily, the adorable infant's sight problems can we counteracted with these special glasses, which he dons for the first time in the now-viral video clip.

The beautiful footage shows how baby Everett struggles to keep his glass on. But thanks to a helping hand from mom, whose name is unknown, he gets the hang of wearing them.

And the smile he gets on his face when he sees his mother's face is incredible.


The joy in baby Everett's mom's voice is clearly evident in the video, as he continues to charm his mother with his adorable grin.

Everett’s parents decided to release the amazing clip to raise awareness for the rare disorder – and to show what an enormous impact a pair of glasses could actually make.

“It is a rare disorder which seems to be misunderstood or not widely known about, but people with albinism can do anything everyone else can do,” the little boy’s parents told the Daily Mail.

Sources: mirror.co.uk, huffingtonpost.co.uk

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