Heartrending scan shows twin holding her dying brother's hand inside the womb

By Lindsay de Freitas
18 February 2016

The parents’ only consolation is knowing that little Mason won’t be alone when he dies.

Mason may not live long enough to meet their parents. And as if she knew her twin was in trouble, Madilyn seems to be tightly clutching his hand inside their mom's womb.

A sonogram scan image shows twin foetuses, Mason and Madilyn, holding hands amid fears that little Mason won't survive.

Ian and Brittani McIntire, a couple from Kansas in the US, were shocked to find out that they were expecting -- let alone that they were expecting twins.

But their unexpected joy soon turned to sadness when doctors told them that their unborn son, Mason, may not survive the pregnancy. Little Mason has a hole in his heart as well as an abnormal brain and his chances of survival are slim.

"He's only weighing nine ounces (300 g) and his sister is over two pounds (1 kg)," explained mom-to-be Brittani. "His only chance of survival would be heart surgery but they wouldn't do heart surgery because of his brain."

When the couple went in for a sonogram scan earlier this week they weren’t prepared for what they would see inside Brittani’s womb. In the image Mason’s tiny hand is wrapped inside his sister Madilyn’s larger hand as she appears to be comforting her sick brother.

Despite what they are going through the Mcintire family is heartened by the fact that although Mason is ailing his sister is there for him.

“She's the only one who can actually be there and is holding onto him... so it's comforting to know that if he does pass, he won't be alone."

According to the scientists the support Madilyn is showing her brother in the image is no fluke. Studies have found that unborn babies feel emotions like joy, anger and sadness in the womb long before they are born.

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