Heavily pregnant woman scrambles over wall as thugs breaks down her front door

10 March 2017

With the help of her gardener, she managed to escape.

Imagine it: You’re eight months pregnant. While you’re in your study, an intruder is bashing down your front door.

You know he’s there because moments ago you looked straight into the barrel of his gun. What do you do?

Well, a resident in Acorn Street in Faerie Glen, east of Pretoria, didn’t think twice and, supported by her gardener, she managed to clear a high wall. Baby bump and all.

“Her arms were bruised in the fall but her baby, miraculously, wasn’t harmed, “ police spokesperson Captain Ilze Jones said.

According to Captain Jones the woman was in her study working last week when she spotted a stranger on her property. It’s not clear how he gained access.

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“When she saw the man she screamed: “Hey, what are you doing!”

“She then got up and went to the front door. When she opened it the man was standing there and pointed a firearm at her.

“Somehow she managed to shut the door. She then ran to her study, shut the door and called the gardener.

“While the intruder was forcing open the front door, the gardener helped the woman escape through another door. He then helped her climb over the wall. She landed in the neighbours’ on the other side.

“She had her cellphone with her and called the police and her family.

“The two of them (the woman and her gardener) hid there until she heard the police arriving.

“When they got around to her house, they saw the man had got away with her TV set.”

The burglar is still at large and a case of house robbery is being investigated.

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