Helena Christensen rises to a new challenge

By admin
14 November 2016

SPONSORED: Former supermodel and brand ambassador for Nimue Skin Technology Helena Christensen reveals her strategy for flawless skin.


Meet Helena Christensen, internationally renowned model, photographer and businesswoman, who was recently appointed brand ambassador for Nimue Skin Technology.


Helena’s philosophy is that there are no rules about ageing: “It’s all about keeping healthy, staying true to yourself and adopting an ageless style. I don’t want any woman to feel there are any limits imposed by age.

“That’s why Nimue Skin Technology ‘talks’ to me. The brand is authentic and it delivers its promises. My go-to skin product is the Nimue Skin Technology Super Hydrating Mask; it restores and rejuvenates my skin – it’s indispensable in my busy life.”

Helena walks the talk of an ageless approach to life which includes being busy, staying connected and treasuring the things that are most important to her. In keeping with her busy lifestyle, Nimue Skin Technology helps Helena to experience visible results through a scientifically and globally recognised innovative skincare range.

Her top beauty tips are simple:

  1. Treat your skin right from the inside by eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise.
  2. Treat your skin right from the outside by using Nimue Skin Technology’s quality products. She uses the Nimue Skin Technology Super Hydrating Mask on flights, applying it just after take off, to help her skin look and feel fresh.
For more information about Nimue Skin Technology’s products, go to www.nimueskin.com. SPECIAL OFFER!

To celebrate Helena’s appointment, Nimue Skin Technology is extending a special offer with the model’s three top picks: buy a cleansing gel and any Nimue facial mask and get a Vitamin C Moisture Mist for free. This offer is from 15 November 2016 until 31 January 2017.

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