Hello, world: meet my twins!

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24 December 2010

Celine Dion knows she has a lot to be thankful for. The 42-year-old superstar, who for nine years prayed for a sibling for her son, René-Charles(9), was doubly blessed on 23 October with the birth of twin boys, Nelson and Eddy.

The twins’ arrival, five weeks prematurely, was the culmination of a journey that saw her battling through six gruelling rounds of in-vitro fertilisation while stepping up her stay-at-home-mom duties after RC – as she and husband René Angélil (68) call their eldest son – began attending school near their Florida home.

Loving how “normal” her life had become after the end of her 2009 world tour, Celine thrived, helping with RC’s homework and even bringing in pizza for his class lunches.

But when she’d finally conceived Celine stayed out of the public eye, not wanting to risk the health of the babies – she initially expected triplets but had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy.

Now the star is ready to share her two newest little blessings with the world at their sprawling tropical-themed home on Florida’s Jupiter Island.

The multiple Grammy winner – who kicks off her next Las ­Vegas show on 15 March – was overjoyed to introduce Nelson (who’s named after Nelson Mandela) and Eddy (named after Eddy Marnay, who produced Celine’s first five records).

At six weeks, weighing 3,6 kg and 3,3 kg respectively, the twins have already developed distinct personalities. “Nelson is Angélil and Eddy is Dion,” Celine says.

She was happy to glam up for the camera (she even did her own make-up) because, as ­Celine confides in this revealing interview, she’s often in her pyjamas for most of the day.

“You breastfeed for an hour and a half, change their nappies and pyjamas, and every two-and-a-half hours I have half an hour to either wash, eat or sleep. That’s all I do – get undressed for the kids, feed them, pull my shirt back up. It’s on and off all day long!”

Celine is enjoying every minute of mothering, although she admits having twins can be overwhelming.

“I don’t know when it’s day or night,” she says. “I’m breastfeeding both of them and I have my older son to keep up with – it’s a lot. As women I feel like we do it all. We have to be the fixers, the doers, the makers. And sometimes the fathers are not sure, you know? They have no clue what’s involved.”

And that includes her husband. “Every day he asks me, ‘Did you sleep well?’ I’m like, ‘You must be kidding me! Stop asking me if I’m sleeping well!’ There’s no sleep! But it’s just amazing.”

See more beautiful photographs of Celine and her family in YOU, 30 December 2010.

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