Henpecked! Women could be nagging their husbands to death, study shows

By admin
12 May 2014

Men who are subjected to their wives nagging, constant demands and worries are twice as likely to die than young men who are less stressed, Danish scientists have claimed.

Women are reportedly nagging their husbands to death.

Approximately 10 000 men and women between the ages of 36 to 52 in Denmark were quizzed on the dynamics of their relationships, and asked who makes the most demands and causes the most conflict.

The research found that 315 out of 100 000 deaths could be caused by the stress of sharing the worries of your spouse.

Dr Rikke Lund from the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark said: "It is interesting that we have identified that males who are exposed to worries and demands by their partners have higher mortality and are the ones we should focus on."

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