'Henri’s heartbroken; he’s traumatised'

By Hilda Van Dyk
05 February 2015

Henri was present at the memorial service of his parents and brother, his uncle says.

Although he wasn't seen at the service, Henri van Breda definitely attended, his uncle, André van Breda, confirmed after today’s memorial service for Martin (54), Teresa (55) and Rudi (22).

Some of their relatives “are watching over him like the FBI”, he says. “We’re Henri’s backup and we won’t let him down. He’s in our hearts and we’ve promised him that we won’t drop him. “Henri’s heartbroken. He’s traumatised, there’s no doubt about that. As a family we’ll support him.” Van Breda appealed to the media to leave Henri alone and to respect his privacy.

'Henri’s heartbroken. He’s traumatised, there’s no doubt about that'

Henri (20) escaped with just lacerations when his parents and brother were bludgeoned to death, apparently with an axe.

Since the attack Henri, who has been staying with a family member, has been kept away from the media. He’s also not allowed to visit his sister, Marli, who’s still in intensive care at Vergelegen Medi ¬Clinic in Somerset West, where she’s under24-hour police guard. She sustained an axe blow to the head and her jugular vein was severed in the neck.

Marli's condition is improving by the day, her uncle confirmed.

André said his brother’s daughter was in the best possible care at Vergelegen Medi Clinic where “she’s being taken care of as if she’s one the medical staff’s own children” and getting regular hugs from them. Family and friends aren’t allowed to visit her.

“Carla Hanekom [a hospital staff member] phoned me this morning. They want to move Marli to a bigger room so she can start physiotherapy,” Van Breda said.

“She can move her eyes and she responds to instructions with her eyes.

“We’re praying for Marli. And for Henri.”

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