Here kitty

By admin
22 April 2014

Looking for a cute app without any in-app purchases? Here’s one your kids will love and it’s proudly South African!

Rascal is the furriest little kitten ever. Help her to collect clothes to build a nice sleeping basket and while you are at it, see if you can find her some food as well, would you? Catching mice always seem to rejuvenate her, so keep a look out for them. But be careful, don't let lady Mabel catch her. She will push her off the ledge and then she has to make sure that Rufus the dog doesn't get her.

This game has no ads, and no in app purchases. It is safe for children and fun for the whole family! It was created by software developer Lady Lizzard who has a variety of games up its sleeve so watch this space.

Click here for more information or to get the game.

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