Here's a second chance for your education - make your dreams come true

By admin
04 June 2013

Did the school system give up on you? And did you give up on your education? If yes, a new reality series could give you the second chance you deserve.

The producers of a new reality TV series are looking for contestants between the ages of 15 and 18 who have either failed a school grade or didn’t qualify for tertiary education. This reality series, which is based on Jamie’s Dream School (a UK TV series presented by renowned TV chef Jamie Oliver) will provide a second chance for young learners who need to reignite a passion for education.

The two-week special school will offer an unique educational experience with lessons taught by about a dozen high-profile, successful South Africans. Some of the learners who successfully pass Dream School SA will be given a bursary to help them to return to school for Matric or study further.

What do you need to know?

  1. Successful candidates will need to be in Cape Town from 17 June to 6 July
  2. The series will be broadcast on a free-to-air channel and contestants must be willing to be filmed a their homes as well as in the classroom set-up
  3. Flights to Cape Town, accommodation during the series, transport to and from the film location will be provided by the producers
  4. Parents and teachers are welcome to nominate learners but need to have their permission to do so.

What information do we need from you?

  1. Your full names
  2. Gender
  3. ID number
  4. Photo
  5. Briefly explain to us why you would like to join Dream School SA.
  6. Explain why things haven’t worked out for you at school.
  7. Tell us what you have struggled with.
  8. Explain where you would like to see yourself in 10 years’ time.
Send this information to Shiehaam Daniels ( with “dream school” in the subject line. Make sure your entry reaches us before Friday 7 June.

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