Here's how your kids can learn for FREE online

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10 July 2016

Need motivation to crack the books? Grade 8-12's Tendopro is a FREE online education tool that rewards you while you learn.

The next time your teenager asks you for airtime there’s no need for it to come out of your own pocket. They can easily earn it themselves – and the best part is they’ll be doing it by revising their schoolwork.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. A new online learning tool called Tendopro rewards users for completing tutorials and watching educational videos with a currency that can be used to buy airtime.

The website, co-founded by social entrepreneur Jerome Maggerman and social work student Ellen Betridge, is aimed at learners in grades 8 to 12.

Their aim, Jerome says, is to provide an online platform for learning that is “highly engaging, fun and interactive” and can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Learners have to register to use it and once signed up have access to resources such as video tutorials, past exam papers and interesting articles that are curriculum-based and relevant to their grade.


When they complete a task, watch a video or download a question paper they earn TendoBerries, a virtual currency that can be used to buy airtime, enter competitions to win prizes such as tablets and buy tickets to events such as the Gateway to Space exhibition, which is currently on at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Jerome describes Tendopro as “a personal learning tool” designed to empower and educate high school students and be more than just a homework helper.

The best part? Watching the easy-to-understand videos earns you 'tendoberries' which you can cash in for things like airtime, or use to enter competitions.

“We want informed learners who don’t only have a solid curriculum base but also the skills to be employable,” Jerome explains.

“For this reason we also include courses on things like how to use technology, career guidance, getting your driver’s licence and so on.”

The name says it all. “Tendo is derived from Latin origin – it means to practice or to try,” Jerome says. “By using our tool, you'll become a pro.”

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At the moment mathematics is the only subject available but Jerome says key subjects such as physical science, life science and accounting will be added soon.

The website is aimed at parents and teachers too. “We want to help demystify the curriculum for parents. For example, if exams are coming up we’ll inform parents about what their kids are going to be tested on. Our view is that by keeping parents informed, they’re better placed to help their children.”

The state of education in South Africa is what inspired Jerome and Ellen when they started Tendopro late last year. According to a survey by Stellenbosch University, out of the 1,2 million seven-year-olds who enrolled in Grade 1 in 2002, just less than half went on to pass their matric exam 11 years later.

And statistics show that the majority of South African learners who drop out of school do so between grades 10 – 12.

Sign up to and you could stand a chance at winning a zippy Chevrolet Spark.

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Jerome also points out that the government is making headway when it comes to connecting South Africans to the internet. The Western Cape municipality launched the first 50 of 384 planned free public wifi hotspots in March this year and last year the Gauteng municipality started a project to turn schools into free wifi zones.

“Wifi at schools is fast becoming the norm and wifi hotspots are also gaining momentum. This will make it easier for learners to access our e-learning tool,” Jerome says.

For extra help, check out the Teacher in My Pocket textbooks, available at the YOU Shop.

For more information on Tendopro visit or email Jerome Maggerman on

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