Here’s what to do if you’ve fallen victim to the new Facebook 'video virus'

By Petrus Malherbe
05 May 2016

Don’t panic! It’s easy to sort out.

Talk about a viral video.

Over the past few weeks a nasty virus has been doing the rounds on the social media platform Facebook. It causes all kinds of weird videos to appear on your profile as well as in your friends’ inboxes.

The infection begins with a notification that one of your Facebook friends has tagged you in their video. As soon as you click on the link and follow the directions you’re caught in the virus’ trap and your friends are automatically tagged again in the video.

The video is usually called “My First Video” or “My Video”.

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This new virus was first reported about a month ago on the Indian news site Zeenews. As soon as you click on the “My First Video” link you’re rerouted to a fake website where you’re asked to install an external app (or plugin). It tells you that you must do this before you’d be able to watch the video.

As soon as you click on the link to install the app, fake Facebook posts for the video appear everywhere on your profile, all your friends are tagged in the posts and links to the video also appear in the inboxes of some of them.

Should this happen to you, immediately do the following:

Go to “settings” on your web browser, click on “extensions” and delete the malicious app. Then go to your profile and delete all the fake posts.

Facebook will also scan your page and report that everything is clean.

These steps will hopefully stop the virus in its tracks. At this stage it seems the virus has only spread among Chrome users.

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