Heroic dog shields blind owner by jumping onto oncoming bus

By Samantha Luiz
11 June 2015

A service dog named Figo has become a local hero in New York after bravely protecting his blind owner from more serious injuries.

The golden retriever was guiding 62-year-old Audrey Stone across the street when he spotted a bus heading towards them. Instinctively, Figo put his life on the line by leaping in front of the bus, simultaneously pushing Audrey out of harm’s way. "I don't know if [the driver] thought [Stone] was going to move faster, but it looks like the dog tried to take most of the hit for her," said Paul Schwartz, who manages a nearby petrol station.
According to the police, Audrey suffered a fractured right elbow, three broken ribs, a fractured ankle and a cut to her head in the accident. Figo was also seen with a cast on his leg but he’s recovering well.

"He is resting comfortably and recovering nicely from his wounds. There will be more updates to follow, "said an official at Middlebranch Veterinary.

Sources: elitedaily.com, today.com

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