Heroic toddler saves twin brother from chest of drawers in jawdropping video

By Saskia Hill
04 January 2017

This clip is nothing short of miraculous.

Playtime for these tots took a dangerous turn after their toy of choice – a chest of drawers – toppled over, pinning one of the boys under its weight.

In a video, Brock and Bowdy Shoff (both 2) can be seen climbing into the drawers of the chest before it falls over, leaving Brock trapped underneath.

He desperately tries to wriggle his way free, to no avail. Obviously realising his brother was in major trouble, Bowdy attempts to push the enormous chest of drawers off his twin.

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Miraculously, he manages to! Both boys escaped the incident unharmed.

Their parents, Ricky and Kayli Shoff, who live in the state of Utah in America, were initially hesitant to share the video but eventually decided to share it as a warning to other parents.

“I’ve been a little hesitant to post this,” Ricky wrote on Facebook.

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“But I feel it's not only to bring awareness, it’s also incredible. We’re so grateful for the bond that these twin brothers share.

"We know Bowdy was not alone in moving the dresser off of Brock. And we feel blessed that he is okay. Please make sure all your dressers are bolted and secured to the wall. Please share.”

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