Hershelle Gibbs signed Oscar's cricket bat

By Kirstin Buick
12 March 2014

It looks as if Hershelle Gibbs got a bit of a shock while tuned in to Oscar's Pistorius' trial this morning, when he caught sight of his signature on the cricket bat used in demonstrations by a forensic investigator - the same cricket bat allegedly used by Oscar to hammer open the bathroom door after shooting Reeva Steenkamp.

"Just saw my signature on the bat used by the accused in oscar trial," he tweeted. "lol #neveradullmoment".

State witness Lt-Col Johannes Vermeulen was using the bat, a Lazer English Willow Club Plus with several other signatures on it, to demonstrate how Oscar may have hit the toilet door. The door, which had been set up next to the witness box, is the actual door removed from Oscar's home.

The cricketer has since been “swamped” with calls from the media, but ‘‘he’s not conducting interviews with the media around it’’, his girlfriend, Sherrin Davie says. ‘‘He has signed thousands of cricket bats in the past and he has never officially met Oscar or been friends with him.’’ Herschelle has been following the trial closely, she reveals, ‘‘and today’s evidence of the cricket bat was rather unexpected’’.

Sherrin says Herschelle didn’t mean to disrespect anyone with the tweet. ‘‘The LOL merely expressed the irony of the bat he had signed along with other cricketers and happened to appear in court today. That is all.’’

The remark has already generated plenty of interest, having already garnered over 1 300 retweets - and counting.

"LOL next thing you'll be state witness #108," one user commented.

Others were less impressed at Hershelle's seemingly flippant attitude. "Awkward, and I mean the 'lol' bit," one woman commented.

"I get that you made a life by hitting balls, but jirre dude," another added. "A woman died violently. What is there to "LOL" about?"


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