'He’s my baby – I am so into him': Shaleen Surtie-Richards is head-over-heels for her new younger beau

By Jana van der Merwe
07 June 2016

There's a reason 61-year-old Shaleen has a new spring in her step!

Shaleen Surtie-Richards’ eyes are sparkling these days.

And the question on everyone’s lips is: who is the mysterious, attractive man at her side?

Just a friend… a new boyfriend? Her relationship status does hint that she is not on the market at the moment.

But the 61-year-old actress' lips are sealed.

“Noooo!” she yells and you can hear the panic in her voice. “It is still very early days! We are still only starting out,” is all the actress had to say about the much younger man.

Out of respect for his privacy she doesn’t want to speak about the new love in her life just yet.

“I am veeeery happy,” is all she let out. He is a businessman who, due to his work in IT, is out of town a lot.

Friends on Facebook have spent the past month begging her to dish on the much younger man with the soulful brown eyes.

“Oooohh, look at the love in those eyes. Nice, I like,” commented one friend after she posted a picture of him holding her tight on Monday. On another photo of their visit her head is rested lovingly on his shoulder.

“You are glowing,” commented another friend.

“When are we meeting Prince Charming?” commented another.

“Soonest, he’s my baby – I am so into him,” responded Shaleen.

And here at YOU we are also longing for the day that she sits down and introduces her beau to all her fans…

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