Hey YOU! Reader wins a day with Roxy Louw

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19 March 2014

What could beat being on a beautiful beach and getting a surfing lesson from surfer and model Roxy Louw (26)? Melissa Maritz (15) of Witbank had her dream come true recently when Disney gave her the chance to realise her passion for surfing and catch a few waves with Roxy.

Melissa is the winner of our Teen Beach competition in which readers had to dress up either as surfers or motorcyclists. Here is what Melissa had to say about the competition: 1. Why did you enter? It’s been my dream for the past two years to become a professional surfer. I didn’t really expect to win, although I had a bit of a hunch from the outset that God would give me the experience of a lifetime. 2. What was the best part of it? My absolute best was to surf and to get to know Roxy. I also loved taking nice photographs, watching the beautiful ocean and feeling my toes in the sand. 3. What about Roxy inspires you most? Firstly that she’s a surfer, but also that she only started surfing at the age of 15 like me. I always thought you had to surf from a very young age to be successful 4. What’s your motto in life? I believe good things come to those who wait patiently, and work hard in the meantime but it takes courage to grow up and become who you are. If you imagine with your mind, believe with all your heart and strive with all your might . . . you will feel good! 5. What do you do in your free time? (Giggle) Mostly I dream about all the lovely days of surfing ahead of me. I’m an outdoors girl and happy to do anything as long as it’s outdoors. I’m also mad about swimming, skating and cycling, helping my granddad in the garden, painting and watching TV. 6. What’s your big dream?

My biggest dream is to live at the sea, be a professional surfer and go with all the top surfers on camps or tours. I’d also like to become a marine biologist and make a success of my life and fully enjoy everything I do.

  Roxy Louw giving Melissa Maritz some surfing tips Roxy Louw giving Melissa Maritz some surfing tips. PHOTO: Megan Miller YOU also caught up with Roxy Louw for a Q&A 1. What do you appreciate most about your fans? I appreciate their enthusiasm and support a lot. And then of course also the big smiles I get when they see me. You are what your fans give you. 2. Advice for aspirant surfers? Firstly, never give up. It takes a good while to learn to surf, so you’ll get despondent, but it’s really worthwhile and don’t be scared. 3. What did you enjoy most in the competition? Definitely Melissa’s happy face and excitement. I was also very surprised to see how well she surfs. It’s fantastic. 4. What’s your motto in life? Overcome your fears, get out of your comfort zone so you can challenge yourself, because that’s how I believe you move ahead in life. 5. Name three items you can’t do without? Definitely sunscreen, water and a cellphone. 6. Do you have any beauty tips?

Don’t go to bed with make-up, always wear sunscreen, drink a lot of water and train regularly.

Things you didn’t know about Roxy

• The song Blurred Lines gets her on the dancefloor.

• Rush is her favourite movie.

• In her free time she likes watching TV series Revenge, Breaking Bad and Dexter with her boyfriend.

• She played Acapulco Goldie in the film Blue Crush 2.

• Her dad is well-known former Springbok rugby player Rob Louw.

• She loves eating at healthy fastfood chain Kauai.

• She’s a wine lover.

• Her favourite colours are pink and blue.

- Janine Nel

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