High Court rules in favour of Gareth Cliff

By Samantha Luiz
29 January 2016

The High Court in Johannesburg has ruled in favour Gareth Cliff.

Radio personality Gareth Cliff has won his case against M-Net. In the ruling made by the High Court in Johannesburg, Gareth will be reinstated as an Idols SA judge with immediate effect.

Broadcaster M-Net will also have to pay his legal fees.
The judgment comes just in time for the Idols auditions which kick off in Durban tomorrow. The ruling follows the highly-publicized lawsuit that saw Gareth take broadcaster M-Net to court after they fired him after weighing in on the Penny Sparrow race debacle on social media. On behalf of M-Net, Advocate Wim Trengove argued that the broadcaster was well within its right to fire Gareth as his comment has made him appear as a "poster boy for racism".
The broadcaster also argued that it was unfair to expect them to employ someone whose public image damages its brand.

In turn, the media personality's legal team led by Dali Mpofu called for his dismal to be reversed as there was no way to measure if the public really perceives Gareth to be a racist.

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