High school sweethearts marry 64 years after first date

By Pam Magwaza
08 April 2017

Time and distance couldn't keep these high school sweethearts apart.

Their first date was over 64 years ago!

Time and distance couldn't keep high school sweethearts Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman apart.

The pair finally tied the knot after 64 years of living separate lives.

They dated in 1952 while they were still in high school, but in 1953 they graduated and moved to different cities — eventually marrying different people and having children.

PHOTO: Anna Harris/ Twitter PHOTO: Anna Harris/ Twitter

Other than high school reunions and the infrequent phone call, they didn't really keep in touch.

"He had his life and I had my life. He probably called me four times over the last 60 years," Joyce told BuzzFeed News.

Last year, James called Joyce, asking her if she would help him plan a high school reunion -- little did she know that this would end up being a reunion of a different kind!

"Their conversation led to another phone call.. and another, and eventually the phone calls turned into visits & they fell in love all over again," Joyce's niece Anna Harris wrote on Instagram.

"My Grandma started smiling again, our talks were about her future and what she looked forward to... she became herself again."

In December, James made the five-hour drive to South Bend, Indiana to take his high school sweetheart on another date. Soon after, they realised that they never stopped loving each other.

"We found we liked each other as much as we liked each other when we were 17," she said. "We laughed at the same jokes.”

Both are widowed and never thought they would find love again.

"I don’t think either of us thought we would be truly happy again," Joyce admitted.

The couple married on 1 April and the bride said the day was fitting because that was a good day for two old fools to get married.

Just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen... #64yearslater #joyceandjim A post shared by Anna Harris (@annaharris126) on

Anna was her aunt's was her maid of honour.

"Not many people marry their prom date... but tomorrow my Grandma gets to marry hers (even if it is 64 years after prom)!"

Source: Instagram, Buzzfeed

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