Hilary Swank’s career on hold

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03 July 2015

Hilary Swank is her father’s “sole caretaker”.

The 40-year-old actress’ parent Stephen Swank has been recovering from a recent lung transplant.

And as Stephen fights back to health, Hilary has put her career on hold to look after her dad.

'My dad is living with me'

“My dad is living with me… I'm his sole caretaker right now," Hilary said during a chat on Wednesday with HuffPost Live. "He's an easy guest."

Hilary has had a hugely successful career, including winning an Oscar for her role in 2004 movie Million Dollar Baby.

But she said she has no regrets about focusing entirely on her father as he recovers.

"It's a certain amount of time [to serve as a caretaker], but in a lifespan it's a blink of an eye," she said. "There’s been job opportunities I've passed on, and things that I said 'I can't,' but really what we're here for is our family."

The stunning actress has had a difficult relationship with her father over the years. But now she has the opportunity to bond with Stephen, she is relishing the chance to form a closer relationship with him.

"You can't get this time back, and I'd look back and regret not taking care of him in this time. It's a true honour," she said. "It's easy to hang out."

Hilary hasn’t put all of her work on hold, however. On Thursday, the actress was seen doing the rounds of television studios in New York to promote her work with a military children’s charity.

USO’s Comfort Crew for Military Kids has teamed up with Duracell to provide children with parents in the armed forces with teddy bears which feature their mother and father’s voices inside.

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