Hillary Clinton busts out 'the whip' and 'the nae nae' on Ellen

By Lindsay de Freitas
11 September 2014

With the US presidential race heating up candidates are pulling out all the stops to win over the hearts of voters. Hillary Clinton has upped the ante by busting out the whip and nae nae on Ellen.

Rapper Silento’s earworm hit “Watch me’ is everywhere at the moment. Everywhere you look people are doing 'the whip' and 'nae nae' while singing the catchy refrain ‘watch me, watch me’.

Former US secretary of state clearly wanted in on all the fun and when she appeared on the Ellen show earlier this week the fun-loving talk show host and her DJ showed her how to perfect the popular moves.

In the hilarious video Hillary can be seen waving her arms as she gets down to the hip hop song. While Ellen seemed thrilled with Hillary’s efforts, husband and former US president Bill Clinton had harsher words for his wife of 40 years. He hilariously tweeted that Hillary, "looks good w her Whip skills, but needs work w her NaeNae."

Sources: ellentv.com, cnn.com

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