Him, her, now him again

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19 November 2010

Her fiancé isn’t quite like most men – he almost always understands how she feels; he listens when she talks; and unlike many guys he’s patient and gentle when she frets over body issues.

Victoria Emms (28) of Worcestershire in the UK has accepted the unusual facts of her 50-year-old partner’s past and says she loves him even more because of it.

She knows he was born Sam Hashimi, that he became gorgeous Samantha Kane after a sex-change operation – then decided to become a man again in 2004 under the name Charles Kane.

In 1987 Charles, a millionaire, spent more than R1 million on cosmetic surgery and tooth veneers to create ultimate male fantasy Samantha.

Becoming a woman was a horrible mistake, he says.

“People who think they’re a woman trapped in a male body are, in my opinion, completely deluded. I certainly was. I needed counselling, not a sex change.”

He blames his desire to have a sex change on the breakdown he had after he divorced his wife of 12 years and became estranged from his two kids.

He spent nearly R300 000 on operations to become male again but Charles didn’t come close to achieving the appearance of the moustached man he’d been before.

His attempts at dating women after his second sex-change op was met with rejection, he admits, and he feared he’d never find anyone brave enough to love him.

He told Victoria about his operations on their first date. “I thought this was someone who has really experienced life and is a sensitive, understanding, wise person,” she says.

Although he’ll never become a woman again there is a part of his previous identity he misses, Charles confesses. “I keep her in a little compartment in my brain that I occasionally visit when I want to understand how Victoria is feeling.

“I have my doubts sometimes whether I am 100 per cent adequate as a man,” Charles says. “But she assures me that I am.”

Others have questioned her being with Charles.

“I think people are frightened to be anything other than normal or what they perceive as normal but I love Charles and he loves me.”

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