Hjalmar is starting university today – and he's just 14 years old

03 February 2017

While most 14-year-olds are still juniors in high school, gifted 14-year-old Hjalmar Rall starts his university career at Pretoria University on Friday.

Hjalmar, from Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape, is starting his first year of a B.Sc in physics.

Hjalmar’s father, Heinrich, says his son started with orientation this week and will start attending lectures on Monday.

Since the university placed a report on Hjalmar on its website on Monday his family, who have moved to Pretoria, have been overwhelmed by the media. Hjalmar’s dad says he wanted to be close to his minor son to support him in his new adventure.

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“At this stage we want to protect him and give him the opportunity to find his feet. He’s looking forward to it.”

Last year Hjalmar obtained his A Levels through Cambridge International Exams, the equivalent of matric, by means of home schooling. On a single day he wrote the physics, chemistry and maths exams.

Pretoria University reports that Hjalmar chose the university because he believed it was “the best university”.

Hjalmar, who finds challenges motivating, says he does not have a secret formula to success but strongly believes that when you enjoy doing something you’re bound to succeed. He believes success lies in doing fun things. “As long as it's not boring, I do it,” he says.

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He wants to discover a world that no one has ever discovered before. “I want to ask even bigger questions and find out what else there is to do, particularly in theoretical physics and astrophysics.”

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