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01 July 2013

If you’re a parent who can’t bear to hear those little voices complain “Mom, I’m booored!”, click here and access our new daily holiday blog with activities to keep kids from 2-12 occupied until schools reopen on 15 July. Today’s activity: crafts using pasta.

PASTA PLAY How to dye pasta

  • In a bowl mix ½ c rubbing alcohol (ask the pharmacist) with food colouring. Add small quantities dried pasta to the mixture and mix carefully. The bigger the pasta shapes the longer they will take to absorb the colour. Leave the pasta to dry on wax paper that has been spread on newspaper.
  • Alternatively put the rubbing alcohol and food colouring in a Ziploc bag, shake to mix and leave the pasta in the bag until it has absorbed the colour.
  • Now you can use the colourful pasta to make all kinds of fun toys.
  • TIP: You can replace the rubbing alcohol with alcohol-containing hand sanitiser.

Pasta crown

Decorate the top of an Alice band with brightly dyed dry wagon-wheel pasta to make a tiara.

Pasta necklace

Thread string through penne or rigatoni dyed a variety of vibrant colours. Add a bowtie pendant at the lowest point.

Greeting cards

Decorate cards or posters with coloured pasta shapes.

Pencil holder

Cut the top off a juice carton so it is open on top. Glue pasta shapes to the sides of the carton, making interesting designs. Paint the outside one colour such as pink or blue and use the carton as a pencil holder.

Pasta portrait

Get your child to use pasta shapes to decorate or give definition to a picture they have drawn. For instance, they could create a face by using round pasta for eyes, curly pasta or 2-minute noodles for hair and a little bowtie at the neck of the face.

Source: YOU Play

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