Holiday activity: Make a doll's cot

By admin
08 July 2013

In today’s school holiday blog we show you how to make a doll’s cot from recycled materials. All you need is leftover fabric, cotton wool and empty milk or juice cartons.

You’ll need

Empty 1 or 2 litre fruit juice or milk cartons

Pencil and ruler

Scissors or NT cutter

Adhesive tape or glue

Oddments of fabric

Cotton wool or leftover batting

Oddments of double knitting yarn

No 8 knitting needles


1 Put a carton on the table with the spout side (usually a short side) pointing away from you.

2 Use a pencil to draw cutting lines. Start with a line parallel to the base, 1,5 cm from the bottom (this forms the foot of the crib). Draw lines up two opposite sides of the carton, about 5 cm from what will be the base of the crib. Draw a line parallel to the top, about 3 cm from the crease in the carton (this forms part of the canopy). Use the pictures (right) as a guide. Cut along the lines.

3 To make the canopy: Cut a piece 5 cm wide from the excess you’ve trimmed from the carton. Draw lines for the scalloped edge and cut neatly. Turn this piece inside out so the plain or shiny side of the scalloped canopy is outwards. Glue it in place or secure with adhesive tape (see the picture for the position).


1 Measure the base of the crib and cut two pieces of fabric slightly larger to make allowance for the seams.

2 With right sides facing, sew along three sides to make a bag.

3 Turn the bag right side out and fill with cotton wool or batting. Sew the open end.


1 Cast on 28 stitches in double knit yarn on no 8 knitting needles.

2 Knit a 28 cm rectangle in stocking stitch and cast off. You could trim the edges with stitching or crochet.

* If you don’t have any knitting wool in the house, you could make cloth blankets.

TIP Cover the beds with pretty paper.


Picture: Art direction and styling: Tina-Marié Malherbe. Photographer: Peet Mocke

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