Homeless man’s life takes a turn for the better after makeover

24 March 2017

A razorblade, hair dye, new clothes and a pair of stylish sunglasses is all you need to start turning your life around. Just ask this homeless Spanish man.

La Salvajeria, a hair salon in Spain, decided to give a homeless man a makeover in celebration of its third birthday. A video of the process and the result was posted on their Facebook page. Millions of people have since watched the video on social media.  

“This is incredible. Is this me?” Jose Antonio (55) says in the video.

The former electrician has been homeless for the past 25 years because he suffers from depression. But after his transformation he’s on a mission to find work again.

“I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am,” he says.

He’s taken to the streets – dressed in a white shirt, red pants and sunglasses – to show off his new look. In one scene in the video Jose orders a beer in a bar he frequents – and finds it hilarious that the waiter doesn’t recognise him.

Some passers-by also comment as he walks down the street.

Santi Oliva, who directed the video, says the owner of La Salvajeria, Salva García, has been trying to give Jose a makeover for years, but he only agreed to it 18 months ago, reports BuzzFeed.

“At first it wasn’t easy to convince him, but in the end he agreed, not knowing that we were going to help him change his life for real,” Oliva told BuzzFeed.

Oliva and his team have been trying to get help for Jose for a year. Thanks to a private company – which doesn’t want to be named – Jose now has a bed to sleep in. The local council have also decided to renew all Jose’s documents, and he’s undergone an eye operation to improve his sight.

Next up is finding Jose a job. “That’s why we posted the video [on Facebook], to see if we get it,” Oliva says.

SOURCES: Metro.co.uk, Buzzfeed.com, Facebook

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