Horrifying footage captures the sickening thing housekeeper does to boss’ juice

By admin
27 April 2016

This woman must really hate her boss.

A shocking clip of a housekeeper urinating in her boss’s orange juice has surfaced online.

The footage is believed to have been filmed by hidden cameras a family from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East had installed in their house after they “became suspicious of the maid for undisclosed reasons”, MailOnline reports.

The secret camera captured two women cleaning the kitchen, when one of them prepares a drink – reportedly for her employer.

She stirs the juice and moves away, just as the other woman is seen reaching under her dress with a plastic cup.

She then walks over to the juice and tops it up with whatever is in the container – a pale yellow liquid.

After watching the footage, the Saudi family have resolved to deport the maid, who is from Asia, Arabic language daily Sada said.

“After seeing the film, he got a shock when he saw the maid urinating in the juice glass before giving it to the family,” the paper reports.

“The man’s wife said she was surprised by this behaviour as they have treated the maid nicely… she said all family members agreed to immediately deport the maid.”

But if they did treat her badly, one thing's for sure -- they certainly got what was coming to them.

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Sources: MailOnline, The Mirror, Emirates 24/7

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