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09 February 2010

One of my yearly hair highlights is receiving the Wella Trendvision pictures.

A huge team of international trend forecasters and agencies put together a trend research on which the Wella Professionals creative team use as inspiration for their hair creations. There are two collections: the Trend Vision Haute Couture and Prét-a-Porter.

The Haute Couture collection is the creative, more wacky and mostly un-wearable styles where as the Prét-a-Porter collection is more wearable creations the can be created at Wella Professional salons.

Basically the Haute Couture collection is like Haute Couture clothing that we see on catwalks and think, “wow, that is weird and kind off wonderful but who in their right mind will wear it” while the Prét-a-Porter collection is like the Haute Couture inspired, but toned down clothes you see in boutiques

There are four different trends: Nomad Couture, Nature’s Goddess, Techno Poetry and Midnight stage.


The look: confident and strong

For: Women who want to experiment with extremes and who is free spirited that loves to express herself through her hair.

The cuts/styles: structured with a lot of different textures, curls and styles in one look.

The colour: reddish brown mixed with hot bright accents.


The look: Sexy and carefree

For: Modern, sensual women who want to indulge in the beauty of their hair.

The cuts: imperfect, flowing, tousled texture with natural movement.

The colours: multi-colour, natural red, warm brunette, gold undertones, apricot, ginger.


The look: romantic and poetic.

For: Experimental women who want to be noticed through their light hair.

The cuts/style: shorter, soft, smooth texture and shine.

The colours: shimmering, gentle pastel blonde,


For: Contemporary, playful women who doesn’t take herself too seriously and who loves attention.

The look: Dramatic and edgy

The cuts/styles: strong lines, bold bobs

The colours: The colour is the most important thing about this look. Glossy black with denim and violet streaks.

View the gallery below!

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