How adorable! SA celebs tell us about their pets

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07 January 2014

How cute! Celebs share pictures of their pets (and you’d never guess who has a pitbull!)


JP, Dimples and Sam JP, Dimples and Sam

Where did you get your dogs?

We adopted both from African Tails and Leaps

How old are they?

They are both a year.

Tell us about them.

Dimples is a female and Sam a male. Each of them are so special in their own way. The way they try to lift your hand with their nose to rub their head or ask you something or just come and cuddle with you on the couch. . .it’s why I love them.

What is the cutest thing they do?

I was feeling a bit down after we lost a game and Dimples sat next to me with her head resting on my leg looking straight into my eyes as if she wanted to say "everything will be OK". She didn’t leave my side for a good couple of hours. She is an extremely sensitive dog that picks up on your feelings and emotions.

Complete the sentence. My dogs are the best dogs because…

Their love for one is unconditional, we gave them a second chance at life and both turned out to be the most amazing dogs.

Do you have an embarrassing moment with your dog?

We never took them to puppy school so when I take them for a walk it is always a challenge to keep them under control. I took them to park once, the leashes got tangled up around my legs so I couldn't move and I think Dimples was in heat so Sam seized the opportunity in full view of all the people in the park. They are also not shy to leave a loud and stinky bomb when we have guests over.


Elma and Kermt Elma and Kermt

Where did you get your feline friends?

We adopted them from a shelter.

How old are they?

Tigger is 3 years old and Kermit 2.

How did you come up with the names?

Tigger has always been a very adventurous, feisty, playful cat and she loves attacking anything, climbing trees and behaving like a bit of a hooligan. Her little brother has never developed a proper voice, he's got a very squeaky meow and half the time his voice sounds more like a croak, which is hilarious!

Do they melt your heart?

Yes. Tigger is a lot of fun and has a strong personality; she completely dominates Kermit and is obsessed with Richard, my husband. Kermit however is the most loving, docile, relaxed and loving cat. All he wants is love and attention.

What’s the cutest thing they do?

Tigger insists on sleeping under the duvet right up against Richard's back, stretched out like a little furry human! Kermit rolls over on his back as soon as I walk through the front door in anticipation of some tummy-scratching.

Complete the sentence.  My cat is the best cat because…

Well, they actually miss us and it feels like they really want us around, which you know, is not typical of cats ;)

Do you have an embarrassing moment with your cats?

Tigger is quite feisty and on the aggressive side of playful, she actually bit one of my friends once!


Pearl and Maya Pearl and Maya

Where did you get your dogs?

I have two. I adopted Maya from a family and rescued Smokey in Eldos

How old are they?

Maya is two and Smokey is three.

What makes you love them?

Things are simple and love is unconditional

What is the cutest thing they do?

It has to be the way that they greet me when I come home, and also the way they receive and love affection.

Complete the sentence. My dog is the best dog because…

I can trust them.

Do you have an embarrassing story to share about your pets?

Yup. Tripping while jogging!


Francois and Ringo Francois and Ringo

Where did you get your dog?

I bought him from a breeder that I found through the Cape Bulldog Club.

How old is he?

Ringo van Coke is a year and three months old.

Why do you love him?

He is my child, my friend and my loyal companion that doesn't get tired of me.

What’s the cutest thing he can do?

He can balance a treat on his mouth for a couple of seconds and then catch it mid-air.

Complete the sentence.  My dog is the best dog because…

He is currently eating my laces!

Do you have an embarrassing moment with your dog?

Probably trying to explain to the owner of the house why Ringo ate the front door.

- Katlego Mkhwanazi and Koketso Mashika

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