How I caught a rich hubby

By admin
11 February 2011

A recent survey showed most women still dream of marrying a millionaire. A year ago Kim Perez(43) who worked in a chemist’s shop, set out to fulfil that ambition. Here she tells ANNA PURSGLOVE how she succeeded.

Last spring I flew to New York for a date with a man I had not met before. As I walked towards the arrivals lounge I frantically smoothed down my clothes, fretting that my carefully selected wardrobe wouldn’t be showy enough to impress an American multimillionaire.

This, after all, was a man who owned a penthouse in Florida, a ski lodge in Colorado and a business pad in New York. He ate in top restaurants, drank the finest champagnes and could have dated any woman he set his sights on.

But he wasn’t dating any woman, he was dating me – a pharmacy counter saleswoman from the dull old town of Brigg in North Lincolnshire, England. And, yes, I’d targeted him because he was attractive and because he had serious money.

I’d spent months changing my appearance, and even my accent, all so I would meet a rich man. If that sounds shallow let me explain my past.

I come from a very humble background and left school with no qualifications. I married my boyfriendSteven, a mechanic, straight out of school and, aged 20, gave birth to our daughter, Claudia.

But I always felt I deserved a better life. Just like people who believe they have been born the wrong gender or in the wrong era, I felt I’d been born into the wrong social class.

I had this hunger for the finer things in life and the glamour I read about in glossy magazines. I wanted to live in beautiful houses and own designer clothes and jewellery.

Although people always describe me as good-looking I dreamt of having a nose and boob job. If I really wanted to live this life it was obvious my next partner would need to have money. Proper money. But where to start my search for a rich man?

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