How I lost 15kg

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27 November 2015

While exercise fads come and go, good old-fashioned walking has stood the test of time.

While exercise fads come and go, good old-fashioned walking has stood the test of time. 

“Walking is fast becoming a popular activity for health and fitness globally,” says Kathleen McQuaide, marketing and media manager at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Cape Town. “It’s a low-impact, all round body conditioner with a low risk of injury.” Pamela Woest can certainly vouch for that. The 35-year-old  mom from Springs started her walking for weight-loss journey after “yet another Christmas lunch” in 2012.

‘Just start walking – even if it’s only 100 metres’

She developed extreme pain in her hips and attributed it to her increasing weight gain. She started walking just 5 km at a time and slowly worked her way up to completing the 30 km 702 Walk the Talk in 2013. “When I finished the walk, I really felt a sense of accomplishment,” Pamela says. “It was awesome crossing the finish line.”

“Walking is the way to go – you can walk no matter how old you are, just start walking, even if it’s only a 100 metres!” she says.

Thanks to walking and healthy eating, Pamela has shed 15 kg since taking those first steps three years ago. She now walks at least once a week, both for exercise and to get outdoors as she loves the fresh air.

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