'How I make polygamy work': new reality-show star Musa Mseleku gets candid

19 May 2017

Musa and his four wives star in a brand-new SA reality show.

Polygamy isn’t exactly a foreign concept in SA -- but plenty of folks are still baffled by the idea of having more than one husband or wife.

"How does it work?" is always the first question businessman Musa Mseleku and his four wives get when people find out they're in a polygamous union.

So that's exactly what Musa, his first wife Mamkhulu, second Mayeni, third Makhumalo and fourth Mangwabe hope to explain in their new reality show Uthando neSthembu.

YOU's sister publication, DRUM caught up with Musa to talk about his intentions with the show, having four wives and the many misconceptions surrounding polygamy.

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Musa says the show is to give people a glimpse of what they can expect if they wish to enter into a polygamous relationship.

While he is excited to give South African a window into his world, he's nervous -- but ready -- for all the criticism.

"For my family and I, it's about making a meaningful contribution to the lives of people who would like to follow the life we live and also to prevent the abuse that we have witnessed of the polygamous relationship unit."

Even though Musa grew up around people in monogamous relationships, he says he has always wanted to be in a polygamous relationship from a very young age, even before he knew what it meant.

So what does it really take to make a polygamous relationship work?

It's all about character, says Musa.

"Most people say money but that comes later, it takes character. Do you have the character to manage and make it work as a man."

It’s also about having a set routine, which shouldn’t change no matter what.

"That way everyone is happy and no one will think you favour one wife over the other.

"So even if you are tired you keep to that schedule, by doing so you make it work and I have made it work like that for years."

Even though they are happy now, Musa says it was hard convincing his first wife, Mamkhulu to allow him to marry a second.

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"That was quite difficult because making Mamkhulu understand that I want someone else but that doesn't diminish my love for her was hard. Also letting Mayeni (second wife) know that I love her as well as Mamkhulu took time."

"The most important thing is to be truthful from the get go to all parties involved, that way the process is transparent."

You can catch Uthando Ne Sthembu every Thursday at 8 pm on Mzansi Magic DSTV Channel 161.

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