'How I quit drinking – and lost 24 kg'

By Pam Magwaza
29 March 2017

This man's story might be the inspiration you need...

Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the world and it comes with several side effects — one of which is obesity.

Excessive consumption of alcohol — especially beer, can cause a serious amount of weight gain. One glass of beer can have up to 159 calories and those calories can easily add up to thousands for an alcoholic. One man, on popular discussion website Reddit, was an alcoholic who had become obese and decided it was time to kick the addiction and turn his life around. Within a year he was unrecognisable.

Sharing his story with alcoholism "Klamsykrawl" wrote:

"I had planned on quitting for more than a year. Every day sucked. Every day I was a shitty husband and father. I drank anyway. Every morning sucked. My drives to work were filled with self-hate and small bits of hope to get better. I ended up making a date in my head and planned on sticking with it. I didn't tell anybody. That day came and I didn't drink."

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He added that he had terrible anxiety during this time and it would make him extremely restless so one day he just put on running shoes and bolted out of his house ? running 1,6 km around his neighbourhood. Little did he know this was the beginning of his journey to sobriety and weight loss.

"The next day I started a running programme that lasts 8 weeks. It's awesome! I highly recommend it. I hurt myself and had to take a break and start over. But I could see progress in my body strength, my cardiovascular health, happiness and . . . I wasn't drinking.

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"I found something I liked to do that wasn't drinking and it was bettering my health. My blood pressure went from high to almost too low in a matter of a month, which was roughly the second month of being sober," he said.

After months of running and not drinking, he lost 20 kg before he wanted to go to the next step and start lifting weights. But his biggest achievement in all of this was when he could resist alcohol and not feel bad anymore.

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"My wife still drinks wine and I swear when she opens a bottle I can almost see the aroma trailing right over to my nose like a cartoon. Her drinking doesn't bother me. It's not the world's problem that I have a problem. I need to deal with my sh** like a big boy.

"My liquor cabinets are still filled with booze and my fridge is still full of beer. The only difference is I don't drink. It's cool because I have drinks to offer guests when they come over. My children won't grow up thinking that drinking is normal like I did. Alcoholism runs in my family. I'm going to break the chain, the cycle. For me, for my kids. Drinking isn't cool."

He has since lost 24 kg.

Sources: RedditViral Thread

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