How Mature Are You?

By admin
18 January 2014

Do you behave like a baby or act like an adult? Are you a grown-up or a child? How mature are you – find out in this fun quiz

[question title="You read in a newspaper that your favourite movie star is about to get married. How do you react?"]

[a weight="3"]You think nothing more of it, and carry on enjoying his movies[/a]

[b weight="1"]You burst into tears and take all his posters off your bedroom wall[/b]

[c weight="2"]You make a congratulations card and send it to him and his fiancée[/c]


[question title="Going into your bedroom you discover your five-year-old brother drawing a moustache on your Robert Pattinson poster. What do you do?"]

[a weight="3"]Gently explain to him that he should respect other people’s property[/a]

[b weight="2"]Shout for your mom and demand she tells him off[/b]

[c weight="1"]Yell at him, then hide all of his Lego bricks[/c]


[question title="It’s your birthday and after weeks of you dropping huge hints about a designer top, your folks hand over your present – it’s a pair of takkies. Would you?"]

[a weight="2"]Ask if they would mind if you took them back and swapped them for the top[/a]

[b weight="1"]Ask if they’re stupid, because this is not what you wanted[/b]

[c weight="3"]Be delighted with the trainers and start saving for the top[/c]


[question title="The coolest guy in school, who every girl is desperate to date, comes up to you and asks you out. What does this have you do?"]

[a weight="2"]Giggle, blush and mumble “yes”[/a]

[b weight="3"]Casually ask him where he’s planning on taking you[/b]

[c weight="1"]Scream with delight[/c]


[question title="Out bowling with a crowd of your friends you spot a guy you’ve had a crush on for ages. You trip and make a fool of yourself, which makes him laugh. How does this make you feel?"]

[a weight="3"]Happy and laugh with him[/a]

[b weight="1"]Annoyed, as you’re embarrassed by what happened[/b]

[c weight="2"]Delighted, because he’s taking notice of you[/c]


[question title="While in a shop you pick up a delicate ornament. It slips from your fingers and smashes on the floor. No one has noticed, so what would you do?"]

[a weight="2"]Tell an assistant that it fell off a shelf as you walked by[/a]

[b weight="3"]Find an assistant, explain your accident and offer to pay for the breakage[/b]

[c weight="1"]Say nothing and make a quick exit[/c]


[question title="Your teacher has arranged a school adventure trip that you are desperate to go on. But places are limited, and by the time your folks have agreed to pay for you all the spaces have been taken. What is your reaction?"]

[a weight="3"]You ask that your tutor keeps you in mind in case someone drops out[/a]

[b weight="1"]You get angry with your folks for delaying making up their minds and losing you the place[/b]

[c weight="2"]You resign yourself to the fact that you won’t be going[/c]


[question title="You and a group of friends are having your photograph taken. Where would you choose to stand?"]

[a weight="1"]At the front in the centre[/a]

[b weight="3"]Between your two best friends[/b]

[c weight="2"]Half hiding behind one of your friends[/c]


[question title="Your best friend has won two tickets to a concert by your favourite band and you assume she will invite you to go with her. But instead she takes her sister along. Are you?"]

[a weight="1"]Angry and determined never to speak to her again[/a]

[b weight="3"]Understanding, her sister should obviously have priority over her friend[/b]

[c weight="2"]Disappointed, but you’ll get over it[/c]


[question title="Right at this moment what is on your bed?"]

[a weight="1"]A selection of cuddly toys that sleep with you every night[/a]

[b weight="2"]The dirty laundry you haven’t got round to putting in the basket[/b]

[c weight="3"]Just a duvet[/c]


[result max="10"]

You need to grow up because at present you are very immature. A great deal of your behaviour is that of someone many years younger. When disappointed, instead of acting rationally you tend to use sulking as a way of making others feel guilty. If you find it impossible to behave in a grown-up manner don’t be desperate; just aim to become mature one day soon.[/result]

[result max="20"]

For the vast majority of the time you act your age, occasionally even older. But every now and then your behaviour can become extremely juvenile. When confronted with a problem, try to think how an adult would react in the situation, and don’t immediately give way to juvenile thoughts. Then take the appropriate action. Once this becomes a habit you’ll soon find your childishness fading.[/result]

[result max="30"]

You are mature beyond your years. Adults treat you as an equal, while your friends look up to you. You have probably found that you feel much older than friends who are the same age as you. It is possible that you find you no longer share the same interests as them. Don’t worry, though they seem childish now your friends should soon develop the same maturity as you.[/result]

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