How to be happier at work

By admin
26 January 2014

Do you enjoy your job? If you had to think before answering try the following:


For many of us it's time to be back in the office (yes, we also have post-holiday blues). For some of us it's harder to return than others, especially if we hate our jobs. So, do you enjoy your job? If you had to think before answering chances are you don't. But it's not that easy to just pack up and go. So until you do find your dream occupation try these tips to be happier at work.

Focus on the bigger picture

All organisations have to make money to be viable but they start out by trying to help others fulfil a need which means most employees are trying improve other people’s lives better. This is easy to forget when you’re bogged down with day-to-day tasks. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

Find an alternative                                               

Look for a new way to do your job more effectively. Justin Rosenstein, the co-founder of the workplace productivity platform Asana, developed the system when he became frustrated with his job at Facebook and Google. “I was doing too much work about work – going to meetings, reading e-mails – and not enough actual working. The reason? There wasn’t enough clarity about what had to be done and who was supposed to be doing it.”

Embrace other generations

It’s easy to resent people who’re not part of your age group. Remember, each generation excels in different areas. Value people from other generations and learn from them.

Beware of superficiality

No one likes to admit it but beauty is rewarded and it’s generally accepted that attractive people are more trustworthy than their less attractive counterparts. It’s dangerous to blindly trust attractive people because there’s no proof that there’s a correlation between beauty and brains. Look beyond someone’s appearance when choosing a teammate.

Learn to change people’s behaviour

Seventy per cent of people change their behaviour s when they try something and like it, says Keith Ferrazzi, the CEO of the consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight. Twenty per cent change their behaviour because they’re coached to do it and only 10 per cent because they’re instructed to do so. The best way to get a job done is to do it with employees and make it fun.


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