How to check for lumps

By admin
02 October 2014

It’s breast cancer awareness month! When was the last time you checked your breasts for any signs of cancer? Here’s the correct way to examine yourself.

1 Stand in front of a mirror and see if you can spot anything in your breast you haven’t seen before. Stand straight with one hand behind your head. Use the other hand to gently start examining the opposite breast for lumps.

2 Move your fingertips around your breast in a circular motion. Start at a point on the outer part of your breast and move in towards the nipple. Check your armpit for any lumps as well. You can also do this in the shower or bath.

3 You can also check your breasts by lying down with one arm behind your head.

4 Check if any discharge comes from your nipple if you press it gently – if you’re not expecting a baby or breastfeeding, a discharge could mean there’s an infection in your breast or point to something more serious which means you should see a doctor.

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Adapted from YOU, October 2006.

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