How to explain the ice age to your kids

By Samantha Luiz
20 June 2015

Your #IceAgeSA cheat sheet! Take a look at this before you head out to the exhibition.

Here’s how you can explain the fascinating Ice Age to little ones.

A long time ago, more than 1 million years ago, there was a period called the Ice Age. The world was going through many changes and the sun wasn’t shining as bright as it usually does. So it became really cold. In fact, it was so cold that the whole world was covered in ice.

Life was cold and difficult for people living through that time but they helped each other survive. They sewed warm clothes made from animal furs and lived in houses made from bones. They hunted for meat and kept it fresh by putting it in ice. At least they didn’t need a fridge!

Did you know that the Earth has experienced at least five ice ages?

There also lived giant fur-covered animals that are no longer found today. Some of these animals were called woolly mammoths. They look just like Manny from the movie Ice Age and a bit like elephants. There were also sabre-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, woolly rhinos, cave bears, horses, wolves roaming the Earth.

Scientists believe we are all here today because the people who survived the Ice Age moved to a small patch of land in Cape Town nicknamed 'the garden of Eden’.

While we don’t have to worry about it anytime soon, scientists believe that earth will experience another ice age in the next 10 000 to 20 000 years!

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