How to keep your cool

By admin
21 February 2014

We all know how easy it is to flip out. Someone breaks a promise to you, jumps in front of you in the queue or says something that really makes you mad.

Try these simple tips to keep your cool and not explode in a burst of anger:

-         Pause and think about what just happened.

-         Take a few deep breaths to slow down your racing heart.

-         Think about how you’re going to respond in the most rational way.

-         Try to carry out your response as calmly as possible.

-         Give the person time to respond to you.

Other ways to keep your cool:

-         Spend some time out in nature.

-         Exercise. Motion dictates emotion, so get your body moving to change your negative thoughts.

-         Listen to a new playlist or discover a new genre of music.

Anger, resentment and impatience can wear us out quickly. Instead of spending your time and energy harbouring anger and resentment towards someone, realise you can control your emotions, and use that energy for something positive.

You’re in control of your emotions, not the other way around.

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