How to keep your luggage safe

By admin
09 March 2014

Great advice on how to keep your luggage safe when you're flying.

It's every traveller's fear: having your baggage stolen. This video, taken from the viewing deck at the Cape Town International Airport, shows a British Airways employee going through a black suitcase, which is supposed to be loaded onto the aircraft – in full view of his colleagues, nogal!

Apart from loosing valuables, luggage tempering could land one is serious trouble, like someone putting drugs in your bag and you taking the fall for it.

How can one make sure that their luggage and valuables are safe when travelling:

  • First thing first, use cable ties, locks or bag wrapping facilities to make it difficult for anyone to tamper with it.
  • Make a list of all items in your bag. Keep a copy of the items with you and leave another at home should you lose your bag or some of the contents.
  • Keep a close eye on your luggage and do not leave your bags unattended – apart from your bag being stolen, things might be put in it.
  • Use tags to label your bags and put your contact details on them in case they gets lost. Also remember to remove old tags before going on another trip.
  • Make your bag stand out - Put distinguishing features on your bags so they are easily recognisable such as ribbons or badges.

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