How to look fab (despite battling a horrible cold)

By admin
20 August 2013

Our beauty blogger shows you how to look fab even when you’re sick.

A little while ago I was stricken with a hideous, disgusting flu which wouldn’t have been an issue if I’d been able to roll up in my duvet like a roti and simply sleep it off. However, I was going on holiday and couldn’t afford to look like that girl who crawls out the well in The Ring in all my holiday snaps. Thus, I made a point of faking my glowing good health and am now going to show you how to do it.

First up, let’s start with your skin. If you’re battling with a red, raw-looking nose, reach for a green or yellow tinted concealer to neutralise any redness. Physician’s Formula (R120, selected Dis-Chem stores) has a fab array of concealers including a green and yellow-coloured stick.

Complexion-wise, if you’re pale like me and have turned an even more ghostly hue, slapping a little self-tan on your face will warm you up while evening out your skin tone. My absolute favourite facial self-tanner in the world is Clarins Liquid Bronze (R310) as it develops within two or three hours, isn’t greasy and has zero weird “self-tan” smell. This way, you can put it on like your daily moisturiser and then apply any make-up over it.

On the subject of make-up, concealer is your friend when you’re unwell so pick a good one like Lancôme Long-lasting Softening Concealer (R325). As it is waterproof, it’s not going to run off your face when the tears start streaming thanks to a coughing fit.

Next, don’t be tempted to use white liner on the inner rim of your eye to brighten it up. I’ve often spotted this tip in mags butnever seen it look good on anyone. In fact, it only draws attention to any redness by creating a stark contrast. Also, don’t use mascara on your lower lash line as it’ll cast a shadow under your eyes and chances are you’re already battling sinus rings.

Last but not least, you could also attempt to get jiggy with a “fast fix” like SAMPAR’s Glamour Shot Eyes (R295).

SAMPAR is a French cosmetics range with the prettiest pink packaging that’s exclusive to Edgars and Red Square. Glamour Shot Eyes contains zillions of light-reflecting particles to minimise the look of dark shadows while blurring the appearance of fine lines. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as oat bran that contracts on contact with your skin to create the illusion of a slightly more “lifted” eye.

I’ve been playing around with it and found that, if applied before my make-up, it makes my concealer hard to blend. However, if you use it overyour make-up, applying it with a gentle patting motion, you’ll get a very nice-looking result.

Anyway, if you’re battling a nasty cold this chilly season but don’t want to look it, I hope my advice can help you out.

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Leigh van den Berg is a Cape Town-based freelance fashion and beauty writer obsessed with all things girly and glam (she’s particularly proud of the fact that she can probably name the perfume you’re wearing at 10 paces.  Nothing gets her more excited than hot new beauty goodies except maybe champagne cocktails, coconut ice and that dude who plays Dean in Supernatural.)

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