How to lose the post-baby bump

By admin
19 June 2014

Not all new moms feel the desire to get back their pre-baby bodies. But if you want to get rid of the “bump” and perhaps lose a few kilos, we have seven easy tips for starting off slowly.

You may have adjusted every aspect of your life to your new baby and couldn’t be happier than in those special moments when you stare at your little bundle of joy. But let’s be honest, whether your baby is a few weeks or a few months old, at some point most of us catch our reflection in a mirror (or store window) and wonder what happened to our pre-baby body.

Not all of us immediately feel the desire to go back to that shape; instead you might feel a sense of awe that your body managed to nurture a tiny human being for nine months and deliver it into the world. You might just feel satisfied that your body is healthy. But should you desire to shake a few kilos and tone that “baby bump” back into shape, Gareth Powell from Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) gives these tips:

  • Keep active: Adjusting to a baby in the house is exhausting! You’re likely to feel overwhelmed and sleep deprived. (Don’t worry; it only lasts for approximately 18 years!) However, it’s important to keep active. Even a walk around the block is hugely beneficial for you.
  • Include your baby: Include your baby in your exercise routine. Take them out for a walk in their stroller – and try doing a few lunges along the way.
  • Join other moms: Join an exercise group for moms who are eager to get into or stay in shape. The motivation will help you reach your fitness goal.
  • Keep track: Try to stay away from unhealthy food (and the cravings you gave in to during pregnancy) and focus on nutritious food instead.
  • Breastfeed if you can: Breastfeeding burns between 600 and 800 calories a day.
  • Start slowly: If you haven’t really exercised since your baby’s birth, be mindful of your weakened abdominals and take it easy at the beginning.
  • Get enough sleep: This might sound a little far-fetched for a busy mom, but regular naps have been proven to help with weight control.

“You do not have to leave your home or your baby by going to the gym. Instead, you can work out from home by doing exercises such as Pilates, yoga and even power walking around the house along with your baby. Remember that the same healthy lifestyle guidelines apply as to prior to your pregnancy, which is to be consistent in your diet and training and to stay motivated so you can reach your personal goals,” concludes Powell.

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