How to make the best of the holidays with your kids

By Lindsay de Freitas
30 December 2015

Here's how to keep your little ones entertained when the inevitable late holiday boredom sets in.

Having your little ones home with you for the holidays is a wonderful thing. But don’t be ashamed if you start feeling frustrated and start wishing that that the school terms were brought a few weeks forward.

Here's how you can keep them entertained -- and have fun with them too!

1. Get a calendar and pencil in activities

Very often the most frustrating thing about having your little ones home for the holidays is knowing what to do with them every day. A daily planner is a great way to make sure you don't have endless days with nothing scheduled. Even if you jot down something simple like ‘go to the park’ or ‘walk the dog’ – having things planned will make you feel better about the days that lie ahead.

2. Create a meal plan and shop accordingly

You’ve just prepared a meal for your kids and cleaned the kitchen when one of the kids walks in and says they’re hungry again – all moms know the feeling. To save yourself from having to prepare numerous little meals get savvy and plan and prepare big meals that they can enjoy as often as they’d like.

3. Get creative and be resourceful

Having your kids home is not only taxing but can also be incredibly expensive. The best way to beat the drain on your pocket is to get creative with your activities. Why not plan a treasure hunt, play a game of hide and seek or spend some time making crafts from recyclables?

4. Make use of your community facilities

Most local institutions, like the library or communal swimming pool. Many of them run free holiday programs for children during school holidays. Visit your respective municipal website to find out what’s on offer.

5. Make time for yourself

Running a household and getting in some me-time is enough of a job -- without having to feed and entertain kids all holiday long. Don’t over-schedule, try and make sure that you and the kids do just one activity per day (the morning is best, so that they come home tired!) and spend the rest of the day doing something you enjoy or tending to chores.

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