How to make your Tinder profile more attractive - experts' top tips

04 July 2017

Are you just looking for a hookup, or maybe something deeper? In the world of cyber love, the right profile can make the difference...

"Tinder is how people meet. It's like real life, but better," according to their catchphrase -- which is probably why this dating app has become the go-to option for people who are just tired of trying to score dates the traditional way.

It uses your smartphone's GPS to determine where you are located and interested people in your area can then look at your profile.

All you have to do is upload a few pictures of yourself and write a clever description and you could be on your way to finding everlasting love (or just love for the night, depending on your motives...)

With everything on Tinder being about first impressions, it is imperative to get it right if you want to find your perfect match. YOU spoke to three experts on how you can increase your chances of success.

Choosing the right photo

Shannon Davidoff 

Shannon, CEO of the Perfect Partnership Search Service, advises users to treat themselves like a brand.

"Your appearance and the photos you choose are your own personal brand.  They will determine if someone is interested in you."

"Do not put a group photo with friends as your first photo," she warns. "Nobody will know which one in the picture you are."

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"If people need to do a job to find out how you look, they'll look elsewhere," says Shannon.

"You are the main character in your own movie."

"Your photo can also provide clues about your interests. Feel free to include your pet in your profile picture or post a photo of you at the Eiffel Tower if you like to travel."

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She also added that selfies can imply that you're a narcist, however, a picture of you captured by another person always works best.

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Dr Zenia Barnard

Zenia was part of the Searcher's program on the DStv's VIA, where she was an expert on making people aware of what image they radiate online.

"The online landscape is about interaction and it takes place in a matter of seconds."

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"People want to connect with you based on common interests and preferences," she advises.

"Make sure your eyes make contact with the camera. Do not wear sunglasses."

"Your eyes are always the gates of your soul. People immediately learn something about your personality by looking closely at your eyes."

Zenia added that a good profile picture is a head and shoulders photo with you smiling.

"People want to see you're not a grouch. The ideal profile photo is one where you're 'in the moment'."

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Hannon Bothma 

Glam Guru Hannon says depicting your philosophical side in a picture is also an ideal way of finding a match.

"Post a picture where you are sitting with a glass of red wine, or one taken at a bookstore or in the kitchen.

"These show that you have a deeper side, for example, that you like reading, cooking or having a good time with other people."

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Advice for women

In advice specifically for women, Shannon advises to always use a recent photo of yourself.

"Always use a recent photo, not one taken 20 years ago when you were 20 kg lighter. Women are especially guilty of this," said Shannon.

"Make sure you look at your best but do not wear too much make-up because they might think you're trying to hide something."

Hannon also feels minimal make-up is a must when taking a profile picture.

His advice for a successful profile photo is a little mascara, blush and perhaps a light lip gloss to bring your natural beauty to the fore.

You can show body, says Hannon, but preferably in a photo taken in a setting where it's natural to do so, like on the beach -- not in a selfie in the bathroom.

Advice for men

The expert's advice for men was that their pictures have to show certain characteristics about them.

They must show what your interests are and what you like to spend your time doing. A potential mate will instantly take interest in a man with whom she has something in common.

A good thing to also show is that you have a social life and friends, but make sure you're still the main focus on the picture. A picture of you cooking or doing something artistic, like playing or drawing, gives you and a potential mate something to talk about immediately.

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Speaking of how men and women respond to Tinder profiles, Zenia said while men are more likely to study a future mate's photos, women are more interested in how potential partners summarize themselves.

"Always be honest."

"If you're just looking for a hookup, do not be shy to say so. There are people who feel the same."

"Do not make spelling mistakes," she warns. "It's just stupid."

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