How to plan the perfect matric farewell

By admin
01 May 2014

It's one of the biggest days of your final school year. The matric farewell only comes around once, so use these tips to make sure it's a memorable, carefree evening.

1. Plan ahead. Think about which colours suit your skin tone, and what style of dress looks best on you. Cut out pictures from magazines and make a storyboard with different looks that you are interested in.

2. The partner. We all know that this is a big deal, as he or she will be in your dance photos forever. Ask someone that you’re comfortable around and can have fun with. If you’ve been eyeing someone special for a while now, this is your chance to make a move! Write a sweet note, buy his or her favourite chocolate, and ask them when things feel right.

3. The dress. An even bigger deal than the partner (for the girls). Choose a dress that makes you feel like a princess, like the belle of the ball. If you want something a little more unique, then get your dress custom-made by a seamstress. This is often a cheaper option, as you can pick up some good-quality satin or other dress material for a reasonable price. Shop around, find out which dressmakers have the best style and get a dress made just for you!

4. The make-up. You are beautiful on the inside and the out, so you probably don’t even need a stitch of make-up. But if you want to look fabulous with all those flashing cameras, sometimes a little foundation and blusher can do the trick. TIP ? don’t experiment with a completely new look on the night of the dance. Keep it simple. Don’t overdo your eyeshadow and remember to plump up your lips and your lashes!

5. The shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and that you can walk easily in them. This is paramount. There is nothing worse than suffering through a long evening in heels that are causing blisters. A little height is always good, as it has an instantly slimming effect.

Your matric dance is the chance to glam up, to have a ball and to make special memories with your friends.

Be responsible, but most importantly enjoy it!

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