How to prepare your children for nursery school

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03 July 2014

Preparing your children for nursery school isn’t always easy for you or them. But don’t worry; we’re here to help with 10 tips.

Preparing your children for nursery school isn’t always easy for you or them. But don’t worry; we’re here to help with 10 tips:

1. Make your children less dependent – If your kids aren’t accustomed to being separated from you let them spend time with a nanny or relative. It might also be a good idea to initially let your children spend just a few hours in the mornings at nursery school until they’re used to being there. You can gradually increase the time they spend there.

2. Teach your children routine – Most preschool institutions have predictable routines regarding playing, sleeping and mealtimes. If you don’t have a routine at home establish one by providing meals at the same time every day and explaining that certain activities must be done in a certain order.

3. Prepare your children at nursery school – Show your kids where their class is and talk things through with them, even if you think they don’t really understand. Explain that you must leave them at the school and reassure them by telling them you’re just a phone call away.

4. Let your children feel in control – Let your kids choose their own schoolbag, help make sandwiches and pack their lunchboxes.

5. Teach your children good behaviour – Tell your kids what you expect of them and how they must behave in various situations, for example, to say “please” and “thank you”, to hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road, not to speak to strangers and how to put their toys away after playing with them.

6. Let your children play with other kids – From an early age give your children opportunities to play with other kids. This will enable them to develop communication skills and make friends at nursery school.

7. Ask your children about their day – Ask your kids every day how their day was and what they did at nursery school. Listen to their answers and look interested. This will show them you’re interested and they’ll enjoy going to school so they can tell you all about their day. And this way you’ll know what goes on at school and feel reassured.

8. Don’t slip away unseen – Always say goodbye in a loving manner at the school gate and reassure your children you’ll see them again in a few hours. Remember to fetch your kids on time; arrive a few minutes early.

9. Make sure your children go to school every day – If you feel sorry for your kids and allow them to stay home instead of going to nursery school you’ll just be worsening the situation and it will take them longer to adapt to the change in routine.

10. Ask the school for help – You can’t do everything yourself, even if you’re a SuperMom. Arrange with your children’s teacher to meet you on the playground and walk your kids to class. Remember: it’s important the teacher is part of your children’s integration at school.

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