How to remove a fish hook

By admin
21 March 2014

If a fish-hook gets caught in your skin, it’s best if a doctor removes it. But if help is far away, these instructions will save the day.

If the hook hasn’t penetrated the skin too deeply, carefully pull the hook from the skin while gently pressing down on the base of the hook. Or wind a piece of line or string around the hook and pull it out while gently pressing down on the base of the hook (see illustration 1).

Don’t use this method if the hook is embedded in a section of the skin which may move about when you pull on the line, such as an earlobe.

Red flag: Never try to remove a hook from the eye or face, or if you can feel a pulse close to the area. Get a doctor.

When the fish-hook is deeply embedded in the skin, has almost entirely penetrated the skin or is stuck close to the surface of the skin, do the following (see illustration 2):

Step 1 Use ice or cold water to reduce the pain in the area.

Step 2 Push the hook forward (in the direction of its curve) until the barb reappears through the skin.

Step 3 Use a pair of pliers to cut off the barb, then pull the shank of the hook back through the hole where it entered. Wash the wound with soap and clean, running water and loosely apply a sterile bandage. Make sure there are no remaining bits of bait in the wound as this may cause infection.

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