How to save money

By admin
12 January 2015

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, although we wish it did! When your wallet starts feeling a bit lighter, and you don’t want to face your bank balance, maybe it’s time you started trying out these money-saving tips.

It’s really not that difficult to save a few extra bucks each month; you just need to think before you whip out your cash or card. Here are some tips:

  1.  Make your own lunch every day.
  2. Try to stay away from the tuck shop or cafeteria. That R20 you spend each day on popcorn and a cool drink adds up quickly.
  3. Prepare snacks at home that you’d usually buy from the shop. If you love snacking on biscuits or popcorn, rather make it at home and save some money.
  4. Look out for specials at your favourite restaurants. Many places have two-for-one days, or evenings where you can get meals for half the price.
  5. Try to buy your toiletries in bulk. Keep your eyes open for specials where you buy three items and only pay for two.
  6.  Instead of buying birthday cards for your friends, why not try your hand at making them? It will guarantee a more individual, personalised card and won’t cost you a fortune.
  7. On the topic of birthdays, if moolah is tight and you have a friend’s birthday coming up, why not bake them a cake and pick some fresh flowers from your garden. It’s the thought that counts.
  8.  Organise movie nights with friends instead of spending money at the cinema. DVD stores often have a vast selection of movies on offer. Invite your friends around, ask everyone to bring a snack, and just enjoy the cost-efficient quality time you’ll be spending with them.
  9.  When you draw money from an ATM, always try to draw from your own bank’s cash machine. Competing banks’ ATMs charge a higher fee for the service.

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