How to smize, squinch and LOL for the cam

By admin
03 December 2013

It’s the word of the year and everyone’s doing it. But there are so many ways of doing the ever-popular selfie. Here are four ways of posing for the cam before sharing your pics on social media.


To get this right you have to lift and tighten your lower lid and allow the top eyelid to come down slightly.


I couldn’t manage a smile with this one. Result: I look like I am trying way too hard to look sexy yet I appear miserable at the same time.


So basically, you’re having a really great time. Then, freeze the moment for a non-blurry selfie.


Constrained by an office environment and my pride, I couldn’t let loose enough to break into the necessary giggle required for that LOL selfie.


This selfie is seriously sultry with the focus being on your mouth. Pout but keep a little breathing space between your lips to make it even sexier.


While this selfie is certainly the most “posey” of the lot, I do consider it my best attempt of the four.


Smiling with your eyes. Okay, this is incredibly hard. So difficult that I didn’t even try posing out of pure fear I’d come across as one of those people with “crazy eyes”.

Here’s none other than the queen of smizing herself, Tyra Banks, showing us how to get our smize right for camera.

-Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza)

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