How to spoil your parents on a budget

By admin
04 June 2014

You owe a great deal to your parents; after all, they’re the ones who brought you into this colourful world. Why not acknowledge their integral role in your existence by treating them to something special and showing them how much you appreciate them.

Simple and budget-friendly ways to spoil your parents:

  • Make them breakfast in bed. Stir up a fresh batch of blueberry crumpets, whip up some cream and fill your mom’s favourite teapot with her special brew.
  • Offer to pack your siblings’ lunch once in a while.
  • Pour your mom a glass of wine after a long day at work.
  • Ask them if there’s a movie they missed while it was on circuit. Then rent it from the DVD store and make them a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy along with it. This will allow them to spend quality moments together.
  • Pick your parents fresh flowers from the garden.
  • Write them a poem, expressing your love and appreciation for everything they’ve done for you.
  • Cook dinner for the whole family.

-Megan Bursey

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